Thursday, October 30, 2008

Electoral pumpkins

Pumpkin patterns courtesy of the good people at Associated Press, via The Post Family.

Yesterday we opened our three-pocketed goody bag of fun with birthdays so today we move on to US presidential election things. Ooh ooh be still my beating fun-stick.

How convenient that the US election is only a few days after Halloween. It means our pumpkins, neatly carved out with Obama's or McCain's faces (as above; or, bizarrely, elephants and donkeys with stars and stripes?*) will still be in good form for our election parties, glowly warmly on our front porches, illuminating the gentle and magnanimous or cold and capitalistic hearts within.**

But to demonstrate how balanced and fair I'm being on this election, I'd like to list, in a totally unbiased fashion, some points about Obama and Palin (sure she's running for Vice Pres but what the hey) to help inform the debate:

Obama loves kittens, his family, walks on the beach, social decency, world peace, saving whales, defending the under-dog, equal opportunity, fluffy toys.

Palin loves shooting kittens.

So as my unbiased analysis suggests, Obama is on the winning side, but this is of little practical use since I'm not an American and thus not allowed to vote in their elections. I'll just look on from the side-lines as I carve out Australian-centric images into my antipodean pumpkins.

* Does anyone know what the sticky is with elephants and donkeys? I always thought the eagle was the big cheese in the US, but perhaps the elephant and donkey are on the coat of arms? Does America have a coat of arms? How much less could I know about the States? How many questions could I ask in this one asterix, eh?

** Sound the Extreme Prejudice Alarm!


Anonymous said...

Republican Party - sometimes known as the Grand Old Party or G.O.P. (or even facetiously as Gods' Own Party), mascot is an elephant from a cartoon of 1874. The party of Abraham Lincoln, would you believe (listen now for the gentle sound of a spinning coffin). Demcratic Party mascot is a donkey, from ealier period but resurrected by same cartoonist who used the elephant for the Republicans.

The Dangerous Kettle said...

Hey Anon, that's cool learnin'. The fact that the donkey and elephant are mascots of the major parties is pretty funny, don't you think? I mean, a jackass and Dumbo? C.J. Cregg would never have approved that.