Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cereally silly

I had no idea there was so much drama and excitement in the cereal world.

The question cereal for dinner: yes or no, raises some very stimulating questions.*

It raises fundamental moral questions: "Would you, could you, eat cereal for dinner?"

It's a vehicle for reliving long-passed childhoods: "Your comment brings back fond memories of those rare occasions when my Mom would surprise us with "breakfast for dinner". It would usually consist of pancakes and an omelet. My sister and I would giggle with delight over this strange concept!"

It exposes a degree of militant categorisation I didn't know existed in food: "Cereal is no doubt a breakfast food, as are eggs, waffles and pancakes. Sandwiches are for lunch, unless they are so spiffed up that they are barely recognisable as sandwiches, and their names alone are as big as a dinner plate, like grilled chicken with pancetta and basil mayonnaise on a kaiser roll. Hot dogs are lunch food too."

The cereal-for-dinner question can show our wistful side: "Oddly enough, we don't eat cereal for dinner ever, though I wouldn't mind it sometimes."

And help you bring out your inner rebel: "I eat whatever whenever. Pizza for breakfast, yogurt for dinner. I couldn't care less."**

You'll find other fascinating musings on cereal-for-dinner here:

It was great to find out what you can do with cereal on a pan grill.***

* Not really.
** Wow, go crazy man.
*** Nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I had cereal for about five meals over the weekend. AND I fed it to at least one friend and two family members. I think that might be wrongness.