Monday, October 20, 2008

Buzz buzz

What's that buzzing, I hear you ask? That's right! A spelling bee. Hovering around us, just waiting to be THUMPED WITH A WHOPPIN' GREAT THONG AND FLATTENED FLAT. YEAH.

My apologies; spelling bees get me all worked up. I have spent hours with this baby. Great tv shows, books, friends, bottles of wine, have come and gone over the course of an evening and by 1am it's just me and the spelling bee, fighting it out, speller versus bee, one on one, ooooh yeah.

The two things that keep me clicking 'next word' are: the fact that they score you in percentages so once you get just one word wrong you have to keep getting them right until 99.99% is rounded up to 100%; and secondly it sounds like the good folk at the Free Dictionary signed up Jeff Goldblum to do the recordings, and how cool is Jeff Goldblum (correction: how cool does that make Jeff Goldblum).

What can I say? We are lucky, lucky people.

1 comment:

Jelly bean said...

It does sound like Jeff Goldblum. Anyone else agree?