Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Testing testing

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Ah, the opening line of this blog and it sounds like it's come straight from 'Monsters Inc'. I'm sure there are numerous Wiki articles on famous first lines, maybe I should do a search.

Wouldn't you know; you can find lists of anything on the interwebs. Some famous first lines from cinematic masterpieces to get us warmed up. Anyone know where they're from? Ten points and a whole lot of public glory for getting them all right:


“Yes, this is Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It's about five o'clock in the morning. That's the Homicide Squad - complete with detectives and newspapermen. A murder has been reported from one of those great big houses in the ten thousand block. You'll read about it in the late editions, I'm sure...”

“Call me Ishmael.”

“Please, sir, I want some more.”

“Meine Damen und Herren... Madames et Messieurs... Ladies and Gentlemen. Where are your troubles now? Forgotten? I told you so. We have no troubles here! Here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful. Auf wiedersehen! A bientot.”

Caught up in these panavisionary moments, remembering the sound of jaffas rolling down the aisles and how much fun you used to have guffawing at your friends pashing off in the seats in front of you, I bet you've forgotten any troubles you had, so come back tomorrow, we have no troubles here at the Kettle.


Tabatha said...

As a former pub trivia champion I feel it's my duty to scour the world looking for unanswered questions, and so I've come across these. Here are a few answers: Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, and the last one is Cabaret. I'll leave two there for others; happy to share the glory :)

Anonymous said...

Never seen Moby Dick but I know theres an Ishmael in it and a big ol whale. Is there actually a big ol whale in the movie? Who did they get to play it?