Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You watch what?

So I said to my travelling companion the other day on the train, "you know, I'm really enjoying watching [tv show x]; are you?"

Travelling companion said "hunna funna wunna munna".

Said I: "What? I couldn't hear you. It is loud in here, isn't it? Maybe you can't hear me? I said: "I'm-really-enjoying-[tv show x]-and-I-thought-you-were-too". Aren't you? I thought you were really enjoying [tv show x]. Can you hear me, yeah? You know, [tv show x]? You mustn't be able to hear me. Oh. [Tv show x]?"

So it turns out there's no reason in this world why you should discuss the Gilmore Girls in public. I know; I was as surprised as you are.

So for all those non-Gilmore-believers out there, here's a few reasons why you, too, should watch:

1. We're all newly unemployed thanks to the global recession thingy so we've got plenty of time. After Gilmore Girls I'm moving on to Twin Peaks; join me.

2. It's actually a sophisticated analogy for systems of government and should be taught in highschool along with Animal Farm. So Lorelai is like Napoleon, who, um, is like Stalin, right? (Or is it John Howard? I forget.)

3. It gives lip-readers a real chance to shine.

4. It gives us an insight into small-town American life which makes me feel very, very good about not living there (although, this lesson could be learnt equally well from Sarah Palin).

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nanno nanno said...

I thought I was the only one! I love that show. But I also love Australian Idol :)