Friday, October 3, 2008

Piratical unfunniness

So it's been a big week for 50 Somali pirates who captured a Ukrainian cargo ship carrying 33 tanks.

Several questions immediately spring to mind: pirates exist? I mean, seriously, outside 'Peter Pan'? Pirates (since they appear to exist) hang out in gangs of 50? What's the correct collective noun for a group of pirates? Band, gaggle, pride, sleuth? Why so many pirates? And can you really fit 33 tanks into a cargo ship? Wow, that's roomy.

In attempting to answer these questions, dear reader, I've realised that I've stumbled spout first into what is actually a rather serious situation, involving (in no order, and completely without my understanding of who or what does or has these things) a collapsed state, the Horn of Africa and ransoms.

So leaving the analysis of modern piratics to more learned kettles, let's move on to something more banal (but possibly not less controversial): cereal for dinner: a travesty of a meal or a vital part of any Friday night?

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Senji said...

Geez! Talk about hard-hitting! My blog posts so far have ranged between topics of breathtaking intellectual light-weightedness, such as my recent trip to the hair dresser, a really crap film I choose to see at the cinema, my cute fluffy little dog and my blog title. Gosh. I'd better pull my socks up .... prepare yourself for some hard-hitting animal rights ranting over the next few posts ...