Thursday, July 29, 2010

That's so wrong

Last night I was pulled over by the police on my way home from the Grease Wrong Prom. I turned right at a 'no right-hand turn' corner (by accident, seriously) and happily the police-person gave me a warning instead of a fine.

Tonight I was pulled over on my way home from an autism communication course; this time I got a fine. Ironic, yes, because really the worse crime was going to the Grease Wrong Prom but so it is and I now have $512 to pay.

The stupid thing is I'm possibly the world's least threatening driver: pedestrians happily step out in front of me because they know they won't get hurt; bees and small spiders cling to my windscreen wipers (and enjoy the ride, man) because they know I won't squish them; and there's no-one who shows speed humps more respect than me.

Bah. I reckon the next police-person who pulls me over should just take me out for a cup of tea and explain the evils of Wrong Proms.


squib said...

$512? Wow, what did you DO?

Kettle said...

Dear Squib, nothing! I did nothing! Sure I was a couple of days late with a small part of my registration (we have three parts here in NSW) so was technically driving an unregistered car but really, really it wasn't like I was doing a drug run in a stolen car while guzzling a bottle of whiskey or anything.

$512 seems a bit much, doesn't it? Meany police-people.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

that's a bit steep.
i will confess to driving for a month & a half without my registration sticker because i couldn't be bothered to scrape the old one off. although i had paid it.

i'm sure the policeman would have accepted that excuse should he have pulled me over.

you should move to QLD, Mme Kettle.
they don't notice silly things like vehicles being registered or not.

Kettle said...

Ms Catastrophe! Good to hear from you. The whole thing was indeed the worst possible luck. Oh well. I washed my hands of it all when I signed some form to say Mr Kettle can represent me in court ... I don't have time for all the legal details, I have other laws to be breaking! (Imagine my reign of suburban terror: swimming outside the flags, treading on the yellow line on the escalators, sending a text message within a kilometre of the petrol station... mercy.)

Catastrophe Waitress said...

yes, you're an absolute menace!

i was not aware of that yellow line on the escalator rule.

when we are queens of the world, i vote making a rule about travel via travelator. you know those awful moving metal belt thingies at shopping centres? the ones you can take your trolley on?

i find it incredibly annoying when people don't stick to the left on them. i have to stand behind them when they're blocking the way, silently plotting their death in my head.

oh the agony!
walk people, walk!

Kettle said...

When we're queens of the world I imagine we'll have people going to shopping malls for us, dahling.

That will free us up to plan the deaths of other people who annoy us, like right-wing politicians and other people's children!

Catastrophe Waitress said...