Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New work by a non-emerging non-artist

'Shoe: down-trodden or leg-up(?)', digital photograph, Sydney 2010

Complex political analogy or just a way to keep the feet warm?


Mad Cat Lady said...

That is a funky shoe. I want shoes, but I need a fridge and I saw a matt black bar fridge on the weekend that I have a yen for.

If only the carpet on the wall in the kitchen were also black. Then I could put one of those flashing christmas lights in a tube wot people staple along the edge of their guttering around the fridge to make it stand out against the black carpet. I think it would look smashing :)

Kettle said...

MCL I just did a quick image search for a black fridge with Christmas lights and found nothing. This is most exciting: this means your future black fridge (and optional black wall carpet) with lights will be the world's first. You, my dear, are a trendsetter.

You know, I've never seen a black fridge before. I'll have to get one to go with my shoes; then I'll be wowing up the kitchen, eh.

Chrystal said...

This is just too arty-farty-obscure for me Kettle! Whatever does it all mean?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I've been puzzling over this whole "emerging artist" thing for some time.

What's the difference between an emerging artist and yer common-or-garden artist?

When does an emerging artist become an artist? Is there a ceremony? Do you get a certificate?

Are there any submerging artists?

So many questions, so much time.

squib said...

You should have heard my podiatrist on the subject of cons. She took all the joy out of them and stuck some arch support in there

Ramon, I want to know what happens to the poets who fail to emerge. Is there an anthology waiting for us *cough* er... them? It must be pretty sad being an unemerged poet

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Maybe you could get a certificate, Squib.

Kettle said...

Chrystal I would like to say it's a complex political analogy but the sun was shining and my shoes were making me happy so I took a photo of one of them. I am pleased by such small things, which is both a relief and slightly disappointing.

Ramon I hate the phrase 'emerging artist'; I think it's as useless as saying something is a 'seminal text': if you have to say it, it ain't so.

There are two differences between an 'emerging artist' and a garden-variety artist: one is a wanker and the recipient of government funding and the other isn't. Perhaps all 'emerging artists' should be submerged?

Squib, by failing to 'emerge' you have in fact triumphed. And besides, you're famous on the interwebs. Ooh! Shall we add a poetry-focussed publishing arm to our carnation-coloured tent business?

Failing that, I'm sure Ramon could work up some kind of certificate in Paint. Ramon?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I dunno about a certificate, but I could probably bang out a punchy media release.

Kettle said...

Really? Sounds good Ramon. That ok with you, Squib? You could still frame it.

squib said...

Shall we add a poetry-focussed publishing arm to our carnation-coloured tent business?

OK, Kettle! Let's make it a carnation-coloured tent poems only kind of publishing venture

A press release? Gee whizz

Kettle said...

Squib if you write a poem about a carnation-coloured tent and post it on TSFKA for Poetry Slam Friday I will send you this for Christmas and, although the tent is erroneously coloured, it is part of a very fine badge indeed.

squib said...

oh! VERY cute

WAY too busy at the moment, seriously, seriously FLAT out