Friday, July 30, 2010

Sydney Biennale 2010

What's not to love about a biennale? Especially one with exhibits on an island in the middle of Sydney Harbour (called Cockatoo Island, which is, incidentally, infested with seagulls)?

The green colander seaweed forest was awesome:

My darling friend Nonesqua liked this, which she assured me was called 'Modern-day Easter Island Statues - With Nose Rings':

My boy liked the puddles:

There were exploding cars:

But my personal favourite was this: a Coalition campaign dogsbody appears to have confused Tony Abbott with Sir Joh. Oops!


Kettle's Mum said...

Love that you've actually been to Cockatoo Island! Love also that it's possible to camp overnight there in the middle of the Harbour. You (all the various sized Kettles) and us should do that sometime!

Kettle said...

The tents looked cool, Mumziss. We'd have to do the ghost tour too, of course.

We might leave the tallest Kettle at home, though. He's not so keen on holidays where he can't take a suitcase with wheels. Ahem.

Mad Cat Lady said...

oh man! I want my very own colander forest now.

squib said...

oh my! Maybe I should have under-the-sea parties next year

Kettle said...

Squib if you put on an under-the-sea party you could sell tickets to it. It would be marvellous. AND you've already got the galleon for the above-sea bit.