Monday, July 5, 2010

And tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the comedy stylings of Mr Kettle

Yes that's right: Mr Kettle makes his stand-up debut tonight. On stage, down town, ready to crack some funnies.

Freakin' A, Mr K!


squib said...

That sounds very scary. Good luck Mr K!

travellers said...

Wow, let us all know how he goes!

Kettle said...

Thanks Squib and Travellers! It was a great night but I didn't heckle nearly enough; something to work on for next time.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Maybe you should try throwing stuff at him next time, Kettle.

Mad Cat Lady said...

That is so awesome. Perhaps a review of the comedy gig might be in order?

Kettle said...

Dear Blogger Comment Elves,

Two of the most erudite and perceptive commenters who visit this blog have left comments on this post but the comments aren't here. Could you check if they're behind your couch?

If you could please return them asap I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,

Kettle said...

Dear Blogger Comment Elves,

Many thanks for returning Ramon and Maddie.

Unfortunately now Squib has disappeared from the top of the page. Could you see to returning her too? And quickly, if you don't mind; she has surplus cheese straws from LittleSquib's Narnia party and I'd like to try one before MrSquib eats them all.

Once again, many thanks,