Monday, November 2, 2009

Not a good couple of days

My son broke his arm early this morning.

My Grandad died a couple of days ago. The funeral is on Thursday.

With each draft this post has gotten shorter and shorter so that now there is barely anything left. I can't figure out how to put an ache into words.


Mad Cat Lady said...

*sympathetic pat on shoulder*

the projectivist said...

I'm thinking of you, Mme Kettle. X

nanny and poppy said...

Soon, hopefully VERY SOON, some really GOOD things will happen this year for you.
Hope (y)our little fella heals quickly.

squib said...

I'm very sorry about your Grandad, Kettle

Poor wee Kettle-ette. Though an arm is better than an ankle, I always say. What was he doing?

Kettle said...

Thanks everyone, you are all very kind.

[And thanks, dear n&p. My apologies for the melodrama of my post; there have been innumerable great things this year. Thank you for your good wishes, though xo.]

And dear Squib, you're right: an arm is better than an ankle (the crutches! The immobility!). I hope BigSquib is back to full health. Although, if she climbs up the buffet then onto the kitchen bench from which she promptly falls she may end up like my little fella. They grow out of the climbing-falling stage, right?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

They grow out of the climbing-falling stage, right?

I'll let you know when I grow out of that stage, Kettle.

Kettle said...

I wonder if your climbing-falling activities are the same as mine, Ramon? Climbing the stairs at the pub, falling down them at the end of the night? I wish my son many happy years of that kind of climbing-falling!

squib said...

I don't think so, Kettle

Were there lollies up there?