Friday, November 13, 2009

Some inanity from the day

I meant to write something tonight about the process of reverse gentrification going on in my suburb but fell asleep on the couch at eight o'clock and have just woken up now... in time to go to bed.

In lieu of anything actually worthy of your time, please find below a photo of something we saw at the park this afternoon:

Surprisingly it's not a giant, disfigured cotton bud but some wacky man-boy wrapped in bubble wrap hanging upside down on some ropey play equipment with his two friends.

Here he is again launching himself down the hill between the slippery dips:

Why anyone would do this is a mystery to me.

On the plus side, we saw some pretty ducks:

Then we looked closer and realised they were crazy alien zombie ducks:

You'd think with all the red lines I draw on photos I'd be better at it, but no. On the other hand, I'm not sure I made the duck look all that much worse, considering his/her zombie status.

So overall and in summary (as I used to start the concluding paragraph of all my year seven essays), it was a largely mystifying day.

Share the love: what's mystified you this week?


squib said...

Boy howdy, I'm going to get me some bubble wrap and have me some fun

what's mystified you this week?

I recently bought all 26 episodes of 'Huckleberry Finn and his Friends' on dvd. I saw it as a kid but now I'm a grown-up I realise that Huck was homeless, Injun Joe was a racist construct, and Tom was the biggest brat ever

Still, everyone is enjoying it so far

Mad Cat Lady said...

i'm a bit mystified where all my money has gone. I'm sure I had some yesterday? *scratches head and pats pockets searchingly*

the projectivist said...

I am mystified as to why I'm buying a lot of rubbish books lately, mostly from the romantic teen vampire evil faery with the odd bit of hot wanton sex genre. You know the sort? But I'm liking it. Is this my mid life crisis? Will I start reading New Idea and saving the problems pages to read last cos they're the best bit? It could almost be worrying. If I didn't need to ash off and read about the purebred Vampire called Wrath. Excuse me.

Kettle said...

Squib I caught five minutes of
'Bewitched' on one of those new digital channels this arvo and I'm mystified that I used to like it as a kid. How funny is sexism? About as funny as homelessness, racism and brattiness, I'm betting.

Is there any bubble wrap in the dvd version of Huck?

And MCL I too suffer from this mystification! I think there must be a hole in my wallet and money falls out? You too?

And Ms P don't worry! You're far too young for a mid-life anything. Look at you: you're into hot wanton sex and evil vampire faery stuff! You da bomb, and etc. I would go on except I know you have to get back to that Wrath hottie...

Mad Cat Lady said...

*ahem* more silly vampire books - - - and the exceedingly silly DarkHunter series by Sherily Kenyon
*cough* I went through a phase

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

what's mystified you this week?

Malcolm Turnbull.

But you knew I was going to say that, didn't you.

Kettle said...

You are right indeed, Ramon, there's no mystery there. I actually like Turnbull a little bit, but purely for the fact that when I think of him I think about how the Coalition is in Opposition and I like that very much.

Yes, very much indeed.