Friday, October 30, 2009

Stumbling around in the sunshine

I'm a big fan of Spring.

Even though I spent rather much too long at a wine bar with Senji last night I was still able (when I was finally able) to enjoy a late morning ramble around my suburb. And look what we found! A ridiculously good-looking tree proclaiming the ridiculous goodness of spring.

Note the house on the left is two storeys. Whoa that's a big tree!

Now we're off to the beach to see what Spring is doing to Sydney's winter-pasty bodies.


Mad Cat Lady said...

is that a tree or boganvillia?

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Kettle, I tend to think it IS a riotously wonderful bouganvillia taking over a tree. Anyway, who cares? It's gorgeous, especially if it makes you feel good. Wish I had one in my suburb, but no such luck.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Kettle, I have two words about the onset of Spring.

Hay. Fever.

squib said...

Ramon, you beat me to it. I've been scratching my eyes out for two weeks. Spring, Spring, go away!!!

Kettle said...

Deary me, right you both are, MCL and W&W. You know, I actually saved the photo as 'Jacaranda tree' so I clearly have no idea about things from the garden.

And to make it worse the Bougainvillea is, I've just learned, a creeper and not a tree at all (although, I once referred to the goal in soccer as the basket so it's possible my problem is more wide spread than gardening terms - oh well, pass me another beer).

[W&W, I like the thought of anything botanical being riotous - cheers.]

Ramon and Squib, I have a hay fever solution for you! I met a chap when we were 'camping' a few weeks ago who said he had awful hay fever when he lived in the UK (where he grew up) but since moving to Australia he's not had it once. So the answer is emigration! All these years, so much money spent on nasal sprays, and there's the answer.

Senji said...

Yeh yeh, I think I'm still drunk

Mad Cat Lady said...

It is indeed a climber and men hate it for its thorns. (i never got pricked, but the men of the house always did - I think they just did not show it enough respect). The first house our family lived in in Townsville was highset and had the whole of the front covered with boganvilla of various colours. All pinks, purples, red and orange. It was beautiful.

It would seem to grow canes meters long overnight when it rained.

Kettle said...

Senj, are you still drunk or simply drunk again?

Morning Maddie, I love the idea of growing up in a house covered with Bouganvillea, although I imagine it would quite distracting. I probably would have spent my days sitting in the driveway looking up at it muttering "Like, wow, seriously how cool is that?" which would have impeded my progress at school and worried the neighbours I'm sure.

Hey, you off to brekky?

Mad Cat Lady said...

oui, i breaked fast and he didn't even say cracked this time. It was just 'do you want pepper' *pout* he still says 'sank you' though - so that's something, i s'pose, right?

I spent the rest of the day reading the fourth book in the twilight series and bookless now. Am about to ransack my sisters house for the third stieg larsen book.

Mad Cat Lady said...

i never get hay fever and dust doesn't make me sneeze :P mwaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Kettle said...

You and me both, MCL, mwa ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry Squib and Ramon; we feel for you, we really do.

Although, considering I'm allergic to tomatoes I should probably be more sympathetic because all the dust hating tomato-eaters out there can shout at me, "IN YOUR FACE, you dust loving, tomato hating CRAZY WAZY" (because that's what dust hating tomato-eaters enjoy spending their Sundays doing, did you know?).

(Stop saying "dust something, tomato somthing" in there. Ok, sorry.)

Hmm, think I might have gone crazy inside this morning. Might be time to go out. Now, where should a crazy wazy go on a Sunday afternoon?