Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canberry good times

I was going to start with a specific apology for leaving that annoying photo of the bubble-wrapped man-boy at the top of the page for a whole week, then I thought it's probably best if I throw in a nice general apology because this loose collection of paragraphs is almost entirely bereft of ideas and I'm sure your time could be more valuably spent (especially if you are a cardiologist, or work at Dolce and Gelato on King Street).

My small boy and I are in Canberra at the moment: finger painting (small boy), drinking too much (me), and running around the backyard (both of us). It's very hot but my parents' house is cool, and there's very little we need to do (other than finger paint, drink, and run around the backyard).

I did venture out to buy Turkish bread and hummus this afternoon and managed to discover a bookshop that made me realise how little I know about Communist revolutions, *sigh*. I joined their book club mailing list so hopefully my days of being a Communist revolution ignoramus are all but over (hold onto your seats, dinner party guests).

In other exciting news my parents have some great posters hanging on their toilet walls at the moment, most notably one of a sketch by Donald Friend (noice), and another advertising the 'Treasures of the National Library' exhibition opening at the National Lib in 2010 (which is VERY exciting). But that's not the end of the mind-blowing news: I'm happy to report I had a short nap on the couch this afternoon, after which I found some nice smelling flowers in the garden, and we finished the day with a very pleasant stir fry for dinner.

I know, the fun never stops; how glad are you that you read all the way to the end? Not very? Fair enough. But in my defence I did warn you about the complete lack of substance that was to follow; hopefully next time you'll take me seriously and watch Question Time instead.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Ach, Kettle, I can't believe you didn't ask me about communist revolutions.

I am your one-stop-shop for all things communist revolution related.

Mad Cat Lady said...

Dear Kettle,

Your blog inspired a discussion within our small office (eg me and my supervisor) on toilet room decorations.

We have concluded that we would like to completely wallpaper the walls and ceiling of our toilets with some intricate oldfashioned wallpaper. Perhaps pasiley?

Kettle said...

Dear Ramon that's a great offer. I figure it's going to take some time to get through these revolutions (there's been a few of them, right?) so perhaps we could start with your Top 5 All Time Greatest. If we could spend a week on Mao too that would be great. Awes.

And MCL, you must check out Florence Broadhurst's designs, she's the queen of the wallpaper world (did you see Gillian Armstrong's film about her, called 'Unfolding Florence'?). I say wallpaper your toilet this weekend; your landlord will love it! And of course, post a photo.

squib said...

Oh good, I think we should discuss posters. When I was at high school I had a poster of Christian Slater and Anna Pavlova on my wall. They weren't together in the same poster, you understand. There were two posters. I think Anna totally destroyed any cool factor that Christian may have given me

Mad Cat Lady said...

I saw 'a' program on her. Not sure if it was the one you mean. It was on the ABC on a Sunday. She sounded very interesting, though perhaps a bit classier than wot oi had in mind.

squib said...

There's more than one? I was talking about THE Anna Pavlova

Mad Cat Lady said...

i was talking about florence :)
who is anna pavlova?
is that the ballet dancer?
did you do ballet Squib?

I think i had a picture of a dragon on my wardobe - we weren't allowed to put posters up on the walls in case we damaged the paint and thereby lessened the resale value of the house - at least, that is the reason mother gave me.

she wouldn't let me paint my walls black either :(

Kettle said...

Squib Anna Pavlova is way cooler than any of those hideous glam rockers from the late '80s and early '90s.

And a good question, MCL: Squib, were/are you a ballet type? I tried to be for a short time when I was five but gave up in less time than I was a Tweenie in Brownies. (Did you have Brownies in Qld and WA? Shudder).

I had a poster of Johnny Depp on my wardrobe door. The weird thing is I chose to put him on the wardrobe rather than the wall; I had some kind of wacky Respek thing happening for the paint (which is kinda weird, yeah?). Maybe your Mum and I should share a therapy session, MCL?

squib said...

MCL and Kettle, clearly I had to fall in love with ballet when I found a book on it at the library. I say clearly because there were no ballet teachers in town or within a 1500 km radius...and even if I had overcome that obstacle I grew to be 5'10"

Kettle, Depp is still uber cool and here MCL and I are with our ballerina and dragon posters like rejects

Kettle said...

For shame, Squib, I think my posters of Mr Depp came out of that hideous 'Smash Hits' magazine or 'Dolly' or something equally hideous and uncool.

So at 5' 10" not a ballet dancer but just right for a super model. It all works out ok in the end.

Mad Cat Lady said...

I maintain dragon posters are cool in an alternative nerdy way

Kettle said...

MCL it depends what the dragon was doing: reading a book or smoking a joint?

the projectivist said...

isn't she that woman who liked dogs and whistles and saliva?

i wasn't allowed the posters either, Mme Kettle. crying shame, i think i'd have had a great little mini gallery.

did 'Dolly' magazine have posters?
man alive i loved that magazine!
i think i mostly liked it for the problem pages.

Kettle said...

Ah dear Ms P there really aren't enough ballerinas who love dogs and whistles and saliva, are there?

I'm pretty sure the posters came from 'Smash Hits' while the smaller shots (uh-hm, I might have had more of a collage than a single poster...) came from 'Dolly'. And man alive 'Dolly' was indeed a monumentally rad magazine in those days! I liked the problem pages too, especially when they talked about pashing.