Monday, March 9, 2009

If I was in charge

Last week I read a book on Australia's system of government (mercy me it made those long hours on the plane fly by), so this week I've been noticing constitutional thing-bits everywhere (I did a similar thing with Hobbits after The Lord of the Rings and animals with revolutionary tendencies after Animal Farm).

From the rousing description of the constitutional provisions of the Executive Government in the opening pages all the way through to the definition of 'voting' at the end of the glossary, this book had me hooked and ready to buy a cheap island to set up my own democratic wonderland.

And in my small republic (since this is a wishful thinking, imaginary island), the Prime Minister's primary duty would be to go around ceremonially warning people of approaching 'political shit storms', just like this one:

Next week's exciting reading: All About Ships: A Book For Boys by Lieutenant Taprell Dorling, R.N. I'll let you know if the lieutenant has any insights on the constitution or how to spot a shit storm from out at sea.

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