Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a twit

Me, that is.

As part of my Advanced Procrastination Program, I have set up a Twitter account. I don't really know who or what it is; other than I appreciate, very much, that it's another site for me to do things at/on/with instead of doing what I should be doing here at the computer.

I don't even know exactly what to refer to it/me as; do I say I'm @kettleschmettle? Does that sound right (to the under-35s)?

Anyway, what or wherever @kettleschmettle is, I'm there so get yourself a Twitter thing and come @ with me in Twitterspace.


squib said...

I don't understand twitter - it's all terribly confusing

Kettle said...

I don't understand it either, Squib. I suspect, though, that the red ukulele I bought today for $22.95 is worth tweeting about.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It seems twitter allows people to "follow you" Kettle.

Why this is considered desirable and not terribly, terribly creepy has not yet been explained to me.

Kettle said...

Ramon I'll never know. My twitter interest lasted three days and three posts (or was it two and two?).

Generally speaking, though, I think there should be more sleeping in the world and less tweeting (also less driving, working and waiting in lines).

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Ramon, I feel the same about facebook as you do about twitter. I don't want anyone, friends or not, 'following' me.
Today I was reading the label on a bottle of fruit juice. It gave a facebook address and said 'Let's be friends'. With whom/with what?

Kettle said...

Why, you know, just friends with benefits, Words and Wine. Ahem.

I've had a facebook account for ages but just reinvigorated it recently. Everytime one of my darling friends says something positive in response to one of my posts about my banana chair they go up in my esteem immeasurably. And their Christmas presents get bigger. Just saying.