Saturday, November 13, 2010

One banana, two banana... chairs

Just what I'm hoping for this Christmas. Anyone live in Murrumbeena Vic and can pick them up for me?

Far out they're beautiful.


squib said...

Beware of banana chairs. They kind of eat you when you sit in them

Kettle said...

Sounds like you're speaking from experience, Squib? Has there been an incident?

squib said...

I did fall Jonah-like into the belly of one once. I was trapped for 3 weeks before anyone noticed

Kettle said...

Ah Squib! I can only imagine the poems such an experience would inspire. Your first volume of collected works?

Have you read Treasure Island? I just bought it last week; apparently it's the best adventure story of all time. Of all time! I don't know; falling Jonah-like into the belly of a banana chair sounds like a better adventure to me.

squib said...

I was more a Coral Island gal, Kettle. I think I tried reading it once. It came in the same set as 'What Katy Did'

I wouldn't mind reading Jekyll and Hyde though

Kettle said...

Squibby I've never heard of Coral Island - cheers.

I read Jekyll and Hyde while exercise-biking when I had a three month gym pass (gah) many years ago. Suffice it to say I finished the book but not the three months.

Bets on there's a copy of J&H on your Dad's birthday bookshelves this year?