Sunday, November 28, 2010

Exercise can't be that good for you, can it?

I hurt my back last week being foolhardy. Dear Mr Kettle had to take several days off work to look after things on the home-front (while I lay on the couch pointing and decreeing things, like "There, man, the boy needs a sandwich!" and "I need a vanilla Drumstick - quick quick!").

Now that I am on the mend I'm wondering whether perhaps I should take better care of myself and, heavens, maybe even give exercise a go?

I've heard about exercise. In fact, I think we even have an exercise bike? It's just that I can't tell where the clothes racks end and the exercise bike begins.

On the plus side, I do actually have a pair of sneakers now. They're so clean and white it's like they've never been worn, which makes sense because they haven't ever actually been worn.

Don't get me wrong; I love sport. I thoroughly enjoy watching the Iron Man series on telly, and I've even been to the Australian Open (where I athletically lugged the picnic basket around all day).

It's just that actually doing exercise seems like such hard work, and what with my bad back and all, I don't know, it seems better not to risk it.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I hope you didn't do your back reaching for beer, Kettle

I have warned about this.

Do you at least have fun pain-killers?

Kettle said...

No, unfortunately injury sustained hoiking children. Message to self: hoik beer, not children; beer is much lighter.

And I was disappointed by the doctor's unwillingness to dispense very strong painkillers. Just lots of anti-inflamatories and paracetamol and "Let's wait and see, shall we, hmm?"

Bloody Inner West liberal minded 'let the body heal itself' mumbo jumbo. Screw that, Doctorino!

I want the painkillers you had.

squib said...

Apparently if you think about exercise, you get fitter. I think I read this on New Scientist or maybe I just made it up

Kettle said...

That sounds much better than actually exercising, Squib. Do I have to be awake when I'm thinking about exercise for it to be effective, or could I play some kind of exercise-related cd as I sleep? Now that would definitely be my preference.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

I use my rebounder/mini tramp thingy as an interim storage solution for clean washing. I feel healthier just THINKING about taking that washing all the way up stairs!

Kettle said...

Very good, Ms CW! I read something somewhere that just thinking about exercise means you lose more weight/get fitter/sleep better than if you actually did the exercise.

Or at least that's what I've chosen to remember about the thing I read.