Saturday, October 17, 2009


Camping. We're off to do it. I've packed:

1. The Glass Canoe by David Ireland;

2. A bike with twelve-inch wheels adorned with little purple stars and the following warning: "Not for off-road or stunt use"; and

3. A pack of seven novelty moustaches.

See you back on Thursday.


the projectivist said...

Good lord! Camping?

Just when i thought it was impossible for me to admire you any more than i do right now, you reveal that you're going camping, Mme Kettle! Braving the terribly hostile conditions of NATURE and lord knows what else, maybe even doing without your hair dryer.

SO courageous Mme Kettle. Be brave, and return safely to the sweet bosom of modern conveniences soon.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

What, no beer?

squib said...

What, no marshmallows?

Kettle said...

Ah Ms P, I fear the word 'camping' has misled you somewhat. When I say 'camping' I mean some members of our party are camping (two families) while the remaining four families (mine included) could more accurately be described as 'cabining'. But while our cabin has an airconditioner, shower, fridge etc, I have had to leave the comfortable environs of said cabin to sit outside in NATURE in order to drink my beer, turn the sausages and go to the beach.

Thank you, though, for your encouraging message. I am trying to be brave! Apparently some people like NATURE. Can you imagine?

Ramon my lordy yes beer. We spent the six hour car trip smiling between ourselves everytime we went over a bump. Chink! went our dozen bottles of wine. And slide! went out case of beer, every time we rounded a corner.

And Squib my lordy yes marshmellows. We had marshmellow fondue sword fights in the beach-side fondue chocolate sauce. We're considering moving here for the marshmellows alone.

the projectivist said...

are you making that up?
the bit about sword fights and fondues, just to make me jealous.
why is it that you always think you need chocolate when there's not a single jot of it in the house?

where are the pictures?

Kettle said...

Ah dear Ms P, would it make it better if I told you the chocolate fondue sauce was quite lumpy, what with all those bits of unmelted Mars Bars® and Toblerone®?

Yes? Yes? No?