Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Good Things

I've just returned from five days here:

That there are places like this makes me very happy; there should be more places like this. There should also be less need to exchange units of money for goods and services so there can be more time spent in places like this. I'll swap my pumpkin for your gluten-free chicken stock if it means neither of us has to go to work.

But in addition to this fine opportunity to bemoan our current economic system, my trip to Hat Head also gave me the opportunity to rub stubby-holders with some of the NSW north coast's most charming locals, a band of whom I came across fixing a fence on the street up from the caravan park.

They regaled me with tales of frisky dolphins and unsuspecting tourists, gave me the inside sticky on the best battered foodstuffs at the bowling club, and gently dispelled my expectations (high) of catching a marlin in the river.

After a short period of footpath bonding I felt comfortable showing them the postcard I had just bought at the shop up the road. Did they recognise any of the locals, I asked, featured in this 'Hat Head New South Wales Australia' postcard?Apparently not. They assured me the people pictured must have been ring-ins because no self-respecting Hat Head local would wear this to go fishing/climb the rocks/breathe:

I like to think that's a little piece of Sydney 458km from home.


Mad Cat Lady said...


The elderly next door neighbour of my sister mows his lawn dressed like that - though admittedly nowadays he thankfully wears a t-shirt

Kettle said...

A-ha, MCL! So that explains where the 'models' came from.

the projectivist said...

gosh doesn't that water look beautiful?! it's all surf beaches up here. fancy a lovely, relaxing dip? sure, sure you do. as long as you don't mind almost-drowning whilst you take your life into your own hands in the death-surf.

that's something they leave off the brochures.

that's cheery, isn't it.

where was i?
i'm pleased you're back safe and sound, with your mind only slightly damaged after viewing that postcard.

Kettle said...

Ah Ms P, 'death-surf', so beautifully hyphenated as it is, is the funniest thing I've read this weekend. Next time I'm up north-North I'm going to look for a 'death-surf' postcard; I bet there is one! Help me look? I'll settle for a postcard with a wrinkly lady in a string bikini, though, if you come across the first.

On another note, I went into a gorgeous papeterie today in Newtown and it reminded me of you. Noice.

squib said...

What a dreadful postcard. I think we could do better than that, Kettle. I think that should be our next business venture

Kettle said...

Squib you've given me an idea.