Sunday, April 5, 2009

PS, a disturbance in the force

Maddy! Where has your blog gone!

I think the world has gone mad. First Squib packed her bloggy suitcase, now you...


Samantha said...

i'm having a good old fashioned sook at the moment

can you imagine Darth Vadar as a dad? Use the laundry basket Luke, use the laundry basket.

Samantha said...

aka maddy aka mad cat lady

Kettle said...

Hurrah! There you are. I hope your sook is going along ok ;)

Poor Darth, I always felt for him. Luke is such a sap, really. You know there's a bit in Star Wars (A New Hope) where Luke leaps out of his X-wing after blowing up the Death Star and Leia says 'Luke' and he says 'Carrie'. So silly.

Can you imagine Yoda as a dad? "Feel the cold now do you? Turn the heating on you should."

the projectivist said...

where on earth are you, SamVadar?
gosh i'm gone for a week and everyone quits!

i'm telling you
it's catchy.

Kettle said...

I know, Ms P! Make sure you wash your hands after handling money and whatever you do, DON'T let anyone cough on you. I don't want you catching this thing too ;)