Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone home in there?

Pic from here - awes.

Do you ever have those moments when you realise your internal monologue has powered down? Taken a siesta? Officially left the building?

Usually the sign this has happened to me is that I can read headlines about Posh Spice being hot again, a man biting a python who has hauled him up a tree, and platform shoes that will, uh-hm, "shoe us the way," without the slightest guffaw or snort, internal or otherwise.

So it has been over the last few weeks.

I suspect I suffer from Homer Simpson's displacement syndrome, whereby the addition of any new thoughts means the loss of previously held thoughts. In my case my kettly thoughts have been nudged out by my need to find a new job, and to figure out how to eat and pay bills and things like that. I've also just launched my own little business so that's occupying a significant chunk of my frontal lobe. So many projects, so little brain to go around.

On the plus side, I've answered so many selection criteria I now know my entire work history inside out! No more stumbling and trying to remember dates in interviews for me. No sirree. I've even come to believe the exaggerations in my CV! Go me.

This is a roundabout way of apologising for the dearth of posts lately and the questionable quality of those few that have so shamefully made it onto the site. I have a new bloggy project planned that I'm looking forward to starting and will post here as soon as my guffaw-ometre is working again.



Miles McClagan said...

When I run out of things to say and ideas...damn it, I force myself on people more! Although I do need a break, and remembering where my IPOD was made me forget how to drive...

Kettle said...

Excellent advice, Miles! You know, I did see an ad yesterday on day-time tv for the Bold and the Beautiful's Best Weddings on dvd; surely there's a post in that ;)

I do hope you weren't actually driving when you were trying to remember where your ipod was; for your safety and that of all road users I hope it was more of an on-the-couch-navel-gazing-where's-my-ipod-and-how-the-heck-darn-does-one-drive-again? kind of moment, followed quickly by a Lily Allen song post-ipod-find.

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Looking forward to the launch of your new bloggy project thing Kettle!

Kettle said...

You might not say that once it's launched, Words and Wine! It's going to be woe this and deary me that ;)

squib said...

Good luck with your new business, Kettle. If it involves carnation tents then I expect a cut

Kettle said...

Thanks Squib! I've made the first mistake for young players of running my inaugural event at cost (to see if it worked...), so I have yet to make a cent, but it's been great practise and has given me stacks of ideas.

I foresee a carnation tent event in the future so will definitely be in contact for where to send the cheque ;)

PS, do let me know when your next story/poem is published.

the projectivist said...

i have no idea what this carnation-tent thingy is, but i'm liking the sound of it.
especially if it involves unshaven, jean-clad men wandering about in their near-nakedness offering me morsels of food and a selection of mini cocktails with umbrellas.
if the carnation tent is anything like that, Kettle? count me in!

Kettle said...

Ah dear Project I was over commenting at yours while you were here!

Near-naked jean-clad young men is a new direction for the carnation tent idea but a welcome one. Perhaps you'd like to be in charge of such gentlemen in such tents? I know you've been busy of late but maybe you could squeeze that in? ;)

the projectivist said...

i'm willing to prioritise it - that's how dedicated i am to the whole idea!