Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Piccie from here.

I had the great pleasure of spending today, the whole day, in a large fluro-lit room that could easily have been mistaken for a common room in a prison, say, if only the wooden skirting boards hadn't been quite so decorative.

While not literally a prison, it was prison-like nonetheless.

And what oppressive force caused this day-long sentence? That's right! A professional development day! While I'm still at a loss to explain the words 'professional' and 'development' in that phrase, I can confirm that it took all day.

In the sea of 'blah blah' that washed over me today, here are three things that I learnt:

1. If you're in agribusiness and have trees maturing in 18 years time you might want to have a think about climate change, or at least pretend you have when someone asks you a question about it;

2. An insurance salesperson with a broken foot is not ironic, it's karma; and

3. The funniest sentence uttered by anyone anywhere in the world about the whole global financial crisis chestnut is this: "Asset prices may fluctuate with, you know, your market forces."

Yep, they'll do that. Gotta watch your market forces. Won't someone lock me up and spare me anymore learning?


squib said...

I hope they had mini quiches and spring rolls Kettle

Kettle said...

No quiches or spring rolls unfortunately but some lovely scones, jam and cream for morning tea, followed by wrap-type things for lunch. I confess I spent a great deal of time after morning tea thinking about a. whether to go back for more, and b. if I did, whether I'd go for more scones or some kind of muffin thing instead. I wiled away an entire session with such thoughts. Marvellous!

words, wine, coffee, art said...

By chance Kettle, I too spent Tuesday at a PD event. I was shocked that the majority of my colleagues confessed to knowing NOTHING about the subject. Just as well there were no members of the public there!
It would be a bit like wandering mistakenly into the wrong lecture theatre at a convention centre and hearing a roomful of neurologists admitting they didn't know how to do brain surgery!
I hope your lot were a bit smarter?

Kettle said...

Deary me Words and Wine! I'm torn between asking your profession so I can avoid all but you, and not knowing and continuing to make appointments with a range of 'professionals' throughout the course of my life and waiting (hoping) for an opportunity to sue for malpractise of some form! It could be my new wealth creation plan.

My lot were, hmm, variously prepared for their 'profession'... I recommend you adopt a similar wealth creation plan to me ;)