Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Couch comfort

I've taken poorly over the last few days so have spent considerable time convalescing on the couch.

I've been attempting to pass the time reading the second of the work-from-home books I borrowed from my favourite local library but at 540 pages plus innumerable end-notes it's too weighty to hold open. To fill the hours I've moved on to Allan Pease's Body Language which, at 228 light-weight pages, has been a much easier read. Also, the bright yellow cover is pleasing to the eye and has been invaluable in raising my spirits.

The book is full of fabulous early '80s-style line drawings. In amongst the purely descriptive captions like 'Figure 82: Open body and open attitude' are little gems like this below:

Figure 83: This woman is probably cold, but she may wish to go to the bathroom.
Indeed, this is not a posture we'd want to read incorrectly: I could be fetching the poor woman a blanket and beanie while she's quietly wetting her pants.

This chap has been captioned as representing the male version of the ankle lock but I think he's actually in the middle of a staring competition and has just realised he needs to go to the toilet:

And the bladder condition of this chappy should be our least concern: if we ever meet anyone displaying this expression we should run away very quickly before the laser beams start shooting from his eyes:

This book has everything the convalescent could want; I recommend you become sick immediately so you too can enjoy it.


Maria Sondule said...

XD I shall...

Kettle said...

Good to hear, Maria! Make sure you send through the details of your malady :)