Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a pair

Every now and then fate throws together two souls destined to make an impact on the social, political and cultural fabric of the day.

Across the world stage has danced such pairings as Kevin and Julia, Antony and Cleopatra, and Torvill and Dean, changing forever the state of social democracy, dramatic irony and spangly leotards (in no particular order).

Another such pairing has occurred of no less monumental import, and it is this to which I draw your attention today: this Christmas saw the arrival in our house of a duo of masters of the watery aesthetic, a couple of purveyors of aquatic order, a brace of caretakers of C class aquariums. This is they:

The only difference between this pair and, say, Achilles and Patroclus is that while the latter have names the former currently do not, and it is in this regard that I turn to you today. Two such fishy heroes must have names; how else will we refer to them in the annals of history?

So, what say you? Do they look like a Napoleon and Josephine to you? A Mork and Mindy? A Bang and Olufsen? Suggestions most welcome.


squib said...

I shall give this a lot of thought at the hairdressers. In the meantime, don't do anything rash

Mad Cat Lady said...

Such a green and growing bower they occupy - perhaps Orlando and Rosalind?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Marx and Engels?

squib said...

Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky

You could put this in the aquarium