Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And we have a winner

A hearty thank you to Mad Cat Lady and Ramon Insertnamehere for their excellent suggestions of fish monikers.

Not only were the names they offered excellent in and of themselves, but I also suspect Rosalind, Orlando, Marx and Engels would make for a thoroughly good night out.

But the naming rights of our newest family members have been awarded to Squib who suggested Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky. Hurrah!

Not only is the suggestion of inevitable death appropriate for anything fish- (or plant-) related in my house, but we already have Anna's train, ready and waiting for her final leap!

In a crazy example of life imitating art, I can see now we were just waiting for 'Anna' and 'the Count' to drop into the tank.

So thank you, Squib; now I owe you for the Darwin badge AND the fish names.


Crystal said...

Love that train Kettle! Recalling that there is a little Kettle at your house, have you checked out his pronunciation of Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky? That would be a mouthful for any little Kettle! Just 'Anna' and 'Count' would be enough for any of us. Anyway LK will probably allocate names of his own for these fishies.
Or are these fishy pets for the adults only?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

If you get two more fish, can you call them Marx and Engels?

Kettle said...

Adults-only fish, Crystal, now there's a new idea for the sex industry!

I'm currently attempting to teach my small boy French so I'm hoping he will be ok with the Russian names. So far we've covered 'croissant' which I'm happy to report comes out as a very recognisable 'sont', and I'm working on 'cafe au laite'; then he will be very useful indeed.

And definintely, Ramon, the next two fish will be Marx and Engels. Do you think their beards will grow in after they're named?

squib said...

Gosh! All that fish-name- contemplation time I spent at the hairdressers reading Anna K, with blue stuff in my hair and glad wrap carefully wrapped around the arms of my reading glasses, paid off! Big time!

I'd like to thank Kettle for having such good taste in fish names and also Tolstoy for just being there etc etc

Kettle said...

This naming process has gone so well I think I'll employ it if I ever have any more kids. Gold.

the projectivist said...

have you killarised them yet? or are they still living in their underwater paradise?

Kettle said...

Oh God, Ms P, I haven't killarised them yet but my son is working on it. I caught him today up to his little armpits in the tank, just idly tossing the pebbles around in the water, occasionally aiming a small handful at the filter. The fish were fully freaked.

the projectivist said...

Hmmm... I wonder should you have perhaps gone for hardier names like Sid and Nancy? Would that give them a better chance at standing up to the hazardous weather conditions and monster-armed tank serpent. At least that's how your son appears to tiny fish. Is he a benevolent serpent? Prone to over feeding?