Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PS, buy early, buy often

Oh those economic-type people do go on! Yesterday I was happily celebrating our democratic freedom not to consume (all the time) and today some silly sod is bagging just this kind of anti-consumerist attitude:
An economist at TD Securities, Mr [W], said inflation figures next week were likely to show consumer prices had fallen 0.6 per cent in the final quarter of 2008. Such deflation could became a real problem for the economy if consumers went on a "buying strike". "If consumers start thinking 'Why should I buy this good or service today when it's going to be lower tomorrow?' that can gum up the whole economy," Mr [W] said.
We wouldn't want to "gum up" the whole economy now, would we? Golly, what if we got caught in a lolly shop and could do nothing but get "gummed up" and stand helplessly by as deflation let down the tyres in the car park? Tricky times, these, tricky times indeed.


squib said...

I do wish they'd stop saying 'credit crunch' and 'global economic crisis'. It's sooooo unimaginative

Kettle said...

I agree! 'Credit crunch' always makes me think of breakfast cereal, and I've actually heard the 'global economic crisis' being referred to as 'GEC', as in 'geck'. Wrongness.

Rosie said...

Sometimes when you read comments like Mr W's you wonder at what point he / people decided to turn off their internal censors and have a free-for-all on talking crap.