Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random pianos

Ever found yourself on an early morning stroll near a large body of water (something harbour-like), blinking into the early morning brightness while eating early Easter Jebus buns and thought to yourself, "man, I could so do with a piano right now"?

Me too! And on Thursday I was in luck as 30 pianos have been deposited around the city as part of the Sydney Festival. In the middle of a big stretch of grass, between the Museum of Contemporary Art and the harbour, sat this little puppy, soaking up the sun waiting for its first play of the day.

The pianos are the very un-evil brainchild of British artist Luke Jerram whose idea is to quite literally bring people together through music. The pianos have found their way onto a construction site and a ferry, into a library, a cafe and a tattoo parlour. You can check out the shenanigans here.

Thursday afternoon I went for a swim at the pool down the road... yep, there was a piano there too. Noice.


squib said...

How are they nailed down?

Kettle said...

You know, I'm not sure that they are nailed down. There's a line somewhere on the website that says the pianos are for the public and that each community can decide what to do with them, including, I guess, stealing them!

squib said...

A few years ago, an old piano was placed on the beach in Freo as part of an art thing. It was supposed to slowly get washed away by the sea but someone must have thought it was a terrible waste of a piano and they nicked/rescued it

Kettle said...

How cool would it be to hear what a salty, worn away piano sounded like.