Monday, December 8, 2008

Put it in your diaries!

Photo by Julie Milberger from this site... which is completely unrelated to this post, and which I haven't read, but which has a cool pic, so cheers, Julie.

I'm very excited to learn that Australia is about to get it's own 24-hour tv station dedicated to politics. I know! I know! I can barely contain my beating fun-stick either!

In a move of striking originality, our station is to be called 'A-SPAN,' which bears a striking similarity to the US's 'C-SPAN,' but with an 'a' out the front instead of a 'c'.

This is about as original as our 'New South Wales'. Seriously, could we be any more descriptive and any less original? So it was like Wales, but in the south and new. Aren't we clever clogs for coming up with that?

So A-SPAN will broadcast speeches an' stuff from a whole bunch of nerdy nation-running type people.

And it will be hilarious, too, if the launch by the nerdy nation-running type person Prime Minister Rudd is anything to go by. Apparently Mr Rudd said Australian question time might pose some challenges for US audiences.

He reportedly mused that Americans would require subtitles for insults such as "scumbag" and "sleazebag" which could be translated into "not a desirable person" and "an even less desirable person".

Ah mercy, the comedy channel had better watch out!

A-SPAN will be available on pay tv from January 20; be there and you'll most definitely be square.


squib said...


I thought it was going to be free

Anonymous said...

Acksherly, I always assumed that New South Wales looked like South Wales (to Cook?), and so was named New, South Wales.

The Dangerous Kettle said...

What ho, Anon! There is more research to do (in addition to the none I've done to this point). I have just learnt that the NSW Government has a Geographical Names Board, with the following listing for 'New South Wales':

"Just before sunset on 22 August 1770 Captain James Cook declared, 'I had in the name of His Majesty taken possession of several places upon this coast, I now once more hoisted the English Coulers and in the name of His Majesty took possession of the whole Eastern Coast by the name New South Wales', [see file GNB4841 for further details]."

We must away to the Geographical Names Board of NSW to see file GNB4841 for further details!

The Dangerous Kettle said...

I thought it would be free too, squib. Don't they only put things on pay tv that they can make money out of? No offence Australian political system :)

Anonymous said...

and prey tell.. what is a beating fun stick?

he he he... em x