Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry thing bits!

A Christmas together with the Muppets... John Denver was a lucky bastard.

Many things are different on Christmas day: the shoppies are closed, the courier-van-race-track street I live on is quiet, and all sorts of foodstuffs are admitted into our houses that wouldn't ordinarily meet food safety standards (like the choko that's coloured brown then pressed into Santa shapes and passed off as chocolate for advent calendars).

But there are many fabulous, non-Christmas-related things that are the same today as they were yesterday and that will be the same again tomorrow: my soft-brained love of the Gilmore Girls, my small son's slightly uneven, parent-inflicted hair cut (sorry matey), and my dream for world peace and all things Obama-related (including merchandise).

So I hope you're enjoying both what's different about today and what's the same.

Peace out.


words, wine, coffee, art said...

Hi kettle,
You're right, lots of things are different this time of year:
- up to 4 interstate cars outside many houses in our street
- time to read!!! the 4 new books
- some shops reportedly open at 5am today for Boxing Day sales (good grief!)
- fewer blog entries to read (yourself excepted!)
- no cooking today! Plenty of scraps from yesterday
- women in charge of Australia federally and in most states (I know, they are mostly deputies!)

The only things I can see that haven't changed are:
- the 3 demented magpies (naugtily fed by neighbours) who have taken over the garden, and are impervious to any form of shoo-ing
- the washing still has to be done!
Enjoy your own Boxing Day!

Anonymous said...

If only the Gilmore Girls were eternal and not cut off after only seven seasons. Seven glorious seasons.

The Dangerous Kettle said...

Hi Words and Wine, great lists. Bah to those 5am openings, eh!

There was an article in the SMH today about women in the news over the past year, which you might be interested in checking out? Sure there are some sillies in there but more female politicians than previous years:

Happily my Boxing Day was free of nutbar magpies! Hope you had a good one too :)

And Anon! God love the Gilmore Girls. Who do you like to pretend to be? Lorelai? Rory? Michel? Jesse? So much goodness.

Alpha Whale said...

Merry Twodaylatefreaking Christmas Kettie!

Love your favourite whale.