Monday, April 5, 2010

Warning: Shameless Objectification of Nice Boys with Brown Hair Below

There's a new Doctor! Here he is:

Apologies, he's not just a well-lit cheekbone with a great ride, he does actually have a name: it's Matt Smith, and he's being hailed by critics in the UK as potentially the best Doctor ever.

I'm sure you're very good, Mr Smith, and I wish you all the best for your stint as the Doctor, but I'm afraid this man was The Best Doctor EVAH:

Oops! How did that get in there?

I meant of course to post this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

Sadly I'm no philosopher so can't tell you what beauty actually is with any authority but I do know it's got something to do with nice boys with brown hair. Look! Here's another one:

Oh Mr Whishaw, you would make a simply lovely Doctor.

But all nice boys with brown hair must come to an end so that we can get on with whatever it is we're supposed to be doing. So here's a little something less dreamy to help bring you back to earth:

Right then, pass me those spreadsheets.


Mad Cat Lady said...

But the guy before David was very good too. Eccleson - or whatever it was.

There's a clip of Mr Tennant nekkid but for a bobbies hat on youtube somewhere.

I do love a floppy fringe - sigh

squib said...

Tostoy. Ewwwww!

But don't you find Tennant's chin just a little bit weak, Kettle?

Kettle said...

I do, Squib. And I also think Mr Tennant is definitely better animated than inanimated (all that Doctorish enthusiasm!). But when we're married I won't have to look at photos of him anymore.

Ooh MCL I love a floppy fringe too, except on soccer players, blech.

So no-one finds Tolstoy attractive? But what about those knee-high boots...

Mad Cat Lady said...

Certainly not real Tolstoy, but Christopher Plummer at any age is gorgeous -

- even with the lame beard

Kettle said...

I think Christopher Plummer out-Tolstoyed Tolstoy (except maybe for the writing bit).

Bekah said...

David Tennent is my favorite, followed closely by Tom Baker and his crazy scarves. Ah the Doctor. Doctor Who? exactly. I could watch if for hours, in fact I have.

Kettle said...

Tom Baker indeed, Bekah! He really made the scarf his own, didn't he? I wonder if he had summer and winter scarves? I wonder if those curls were real? So many questions, so little time to find the answers... what with all those episodes with David Tennant to re-watch. So many glorious episodes, *sigh*.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

I did like Tennant as The Doctor, but does he remind you just a little too much of Rove McWhatsisface? C'mon. He does, doesn't he?

I think that if I were 17 again I might fancy this new boy-chap. His accent is cute, and he DOES have floppy hair. Floppy hair is so attractive in a man!

Was MrWishaw busy? Some new costume drama for the BBC perhaps? I think he might have made a nice Doctor.

Kettle said...

Lordy, Rove McManus was the unfunniest man in comedy, wasn't he? I never understood the appeal.

David Tennant, on the other hand: plenty of appeal that I understand very well. But really I'm holding out for Mr Whishaw; I'm sure he'll be the Doctor one day (or at least be the lead in a long-running tv series so we can view him, for our pleasure, for a long time).

I had no idea I was such an adolescent about all this!

Mad Cat Lady said...

I think I saw an advert on the weekend about the first new doctor episode being available for viewing on ivew from 16 April, but perhaps I imagined it?

Leilani said...

I'm with you. David Tennant is still my screensaver but the new Doctor is rather nice too. He'll never replace DT though.

Kettle said...

Exactly, Leilani.

Although, I'd probably be happy with some DT clones, say ten or so; what about you?

Mad Cat Lady said...

My 13 year old niece likes this new doctor better than the glorious Mr Tennant, though she is not a fan of the bow-tie.

My sister says the wedding dress in the end shot has bits cut out of it, like a raggedy dress - she reckons the new companion is a stalker.

Kettle said...

Ha ha, MCL! I think we're all slightly stalkerish when it comes to David Tennant... except maybe your niece.

Senji said...

Stop it. I'm getting horny ... I do like Matt Smith though.