Friday, September 18, 2009

Democratically challenged

The votes are tied!

Danielle Steele's scholarly masterpiece, A Bon Port, and Victor Hugo's piece of fluff, Les Miserables, have matched each other aye for aye carumba throughout this exciting electoral process.

Which will be the ultimate winner? Which will claim the mandate to delight and entertain? Only you know.

One more vote, peeps, that's all we need to break this never before seen deadlocked pairing. What'll it be?

[I'm very tired and a little nuts. Can you tell?]


Evil Overlord said...

I voted for A Bon Port because I thought it might have more colloquial french.

and potentially some sex - might learn some french words it would be handy to know, eh?

Kettle said...

Excellent reasoning, EO. Danielle Steele it is. I reckon there's a 95% chance there's a bit of rompy pompy on page one. Let the learning begin!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm very tired and a little nuts.

Est-ce que vous ĂȘtes ivre, Kettle?

Kettle said...

Ha ha! Surprisingly not, Ramon. Will wonders never etc etc.

Funny, I just knew 'ivre' had something to do with the liver.

the projectivist said...

i voted for Danielle Steele because basically i'm just not a very nice person.

Kettle said...

Oh Ms P, we know that's just not true. I reckon you voted for Danielle Steele because you wanted her to feel included, right?

squib said...

I don't want to be negative or anything but I'm betting you won't last beyond page 2. Page 3 at the most

Kettle said...

Squib I love a bet. What shall we wager for four pages (count them, four!) of translation?

the projectivist said...

Oh i have it, Mme Kettle!

When, i mean IF, the lovely Mrs Squib loses, she has to revive her untouched blog! At least for a week or two. How's that?

Kettle said...

Ms P, I always suspected you were a genius but now you've confirmed it. That is a super brilliant idea. Lets you and I shake on it to seal the deal.

Right, now that's done, I'll get my pages of translation done and then Squib will have to revive her blog (at least for a week or two).


squib said...

You two are sneaky-sneaky

I can't anyway. I haven't updated WP (I normally pay someone to update it) and it won't even upload pictures at the moment


If you get past page 4, Kettle, you TOO can have a Charles Darwin badge!!!!!!

Kettle said...

Squib four pages will be a small price to pay for a Charles Darwin badge!

Golly, this has all turned out rather well for me (apart from the whole you-refusing-to-restart-your-blog thing).

squib said...

My, aren't we confident? Go on, parlez-vous then