Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does Australia Have a Government Yet?

The answer is just a click away:



Catastrophe Waitress said...

That looked freakin great on my Eyefone.

Kettle said...

Hurrah, Ms Waitress! Here's to black screens with white writing indicating the right result, eh.

Good to hear from you. How you been?

squib said...

nice and succinct!

Kettle said...

Squib I think the independents could have learnt a great deal about succinctness from the doesaustraliahaveagovernmentyet website.

Examples of Questions That Could Have Been Posed to the Independents, Following the doesaustraliahaveagovernmentyet Website Model:

1. Do you support a Labor minority government? No/Almost/Yes

2. Do you support a Coalition minority government? No/Almost/Yes

Alternatively we could have 17 days of deliberations. No wait, that's what we had. Gah.