Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 Very Good Things About People You Like Very Much Getting Hitched

We went to the wedding of our dear friends, the German and the Dutchman today and it was a freakin' fine affair; you two rock.

And since we're still waiting to hear who will actually govern the country and thus have so cruelly and unnaturally been denied the opportunity of sharing a late-night, post-wedding, pre-Father's day political rant I have chosen what I'm sure you'll agree is the next best thing: a late-night, post-wedding, pre-Father's day list of ten very good things about people who you like very much getting married.

So here we go:

1. You get to see your pals all dressed up/wearing shoes/using serviettes.

2. You get to do a reading as part of the ceremony that starts: "Marriage: why bother?"

3. You get to dance to The Village People and the soundtrack to Grease without appearing mentally unstable.

4. You learn stuff (I had not heard the term 'fluffer' before tonight).

5. You get to eat all the things you bought for the babysitter that she didn't touch.

6. You get to add items to lists that are wholly unrelated to the topic under discussion: I'm very much enjoying The Avett Brothers' albums Emotionalism and I and Love and You at the moment.

7. You get to bail out of a list early if you're too tired to write anything else and just want to post one of those cacky "Let's take a photo of ourselves with my phone, yeah yeah! Because that'll be hilarious" kind of photos:

Mr and Ms Kettle, looking decidedly dishevelled and ready to go home to see what the babysitter didn't eat.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether our 'new' government is sorted out yet, this site will keep you up to date:


squib said...

Sounds marvellous, Kettle. Oh, and you two look like movie stars, yes you do!

Meanwhile, we spent yesterday (in marital bliss) swearing at each other, as we "worked together" to do up a one bedroom flat we are selling. This involved cleaning,assembling IKEA furniture (those bastards made sure we were one dowelling short), two trips to Bunnings, carrying a monstrous lounge from the 6th floor to the op shop and, at one stage, me yelling, 'Oh my God, you nearly tipped me over the balcony, you've always wanted to do away with me'

Great link! Also, people dancing to Grease always look deranged, wedding or not

Kettle said...

Ah Squib, the only movie stars we'd resemble are of the Lindsay Lohan school: childish, tired and hung-over (although as yet un-incarcerated).

Deary me, I do hope the couch was monstrously large as opposed to monstrously behaved? Although it could of course have been the couch that hid that final dowelling. Bloody couches, you never can trust them.

Question, though: how come you were assembling furniture for a place you're selling?

people dancing to Grease always look deranged, wedding or not

Really? So I shouldn't post my photos from the Grease Wrong Prom? Bum.

Kettle's Mum said...

I have seen you two looking decidedly more gorgeous and less seedy!
Glad you enjoyed the wedding!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

So, Kettle, we meet at last.

Well, not actually meet but you know what I mean.

squib said...

The couch was both

how come you were assembling furniture for a place you're selling?

The real estate people are taking photos for a brochure. I was trying to make it look Vogue with $130 two-seater from Ikea

Kettle said...

Fair suck of the sav, Mum, we'd been there since 2:30pm and the photo was taken around 10:30pm. AND there had been innumberable, innumberable toasts. AND our hosts were ridiculously free with the beverages. AND we hadn't been out for ages, and and and!

Anyway, I've seen you looking seedier, if you'll recall the wine dinner at that Greek restaurant... So nyer.

Ramon - hello - the seedy, late night version of me is pleased to meet you.

Although, I haven't actually met you, despite my recent tour of the bookshops and pubs of Melbourne and surrounds.

Kettle said...

Squib I think your interior decorations are better than Vogue any old day.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

You two look rather glam!
Going to weddings suits you.

Did the babysitter go through those naked self portraits you hide under the bed do you suppose?

Word verification: huslogo!
Please use in a sentence.

Kettle said...

Ha! No, all the naked self-portraits are on our harddrive but we left the computer on so hopefully she got a chance to skim through them.

Huslogo. Good word.

"Julia was quietly confident her huslogo would work when she cast her vote on the 21st."

Catastrophe Waitress said...


Clever! If my fingers weren't so fat, I'd type a better response on this miniature screen.

Kettle said...

Ah touch-screens: how we'll come to miss the sturdy-padded Nokia brick phones, *sigh*.