Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog post the 176th, in which we meander through a range of fairly ordinary, barely related topics before I retire, respectfully, to bed

Very occasionally, between the writing of a heading and the writing of a post itself, an hour can pass while you search for those images of antique eggs and banana chairs you've been meaning to look up.

These lost hours can, I'm afraid, lead to one of the most shameful of blog sins: Lying Through Heading.

In these sorry situations you'll find that whatever idea you had when you launched so cocksure and forthright into your heading has departed you, leaving nought in its place but troubling thoughts about the shape of catshark eggs and whether you really need a canopy on your banana chair.

Canopy: necessity or luxury?

So it is that I have indeed lied through heading as I no longer have any topics (fairly ordinary or barely related) knocking around in my head to meander through.

If you have any thoughts re: canopy or no canopy, I would be most grateful to hear them.


Mad Cat Lady said...

I can see a canopy coming in handy if one were reading because the sunlight reflecting from the white pages of a book can be very glarey, but that canopy is far to small to be of use considering the angle of light and where the book would be held.

Probably there should also be a side flap.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

And a beer holder.

Kettle said...

MCL I love that you've applied geometric principles to your analysis of the banana chair; I suspect we've just seen a world first there. These are exciting times, aren't they.

I would love to see that chair with a more substantial canopy, a side flap (in order to better address the sun-angle issue), some extra cushioning (why not), and two small shelves, one fitted to each arm-rest: one shelf would of course be for beer (thank you Ramon) and the other of course would be for martinis. Then it will be the perfect chair.

I can't sleep for wishing it was already so.

squib said...

I'd go more for a palanquin (with a carnation silk canopy), held aloft by four Oompa-Loompas. But that's just me

Kettle said...

Squib you had me right up until 'Oompa-Loompas'; tricksy little fellows.

I like 'palanquin'. Noice.