Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well hello there

[I've got some thing-bits to do at the moment; sorry it's been so boring here (unless you just come by to read the comments, in which case we may all be in luck! Over to you, MCL, Ramon and Squibelline).

I'll be back next week, most likely Thursday, with a whole load of twaddle just ripe for twaddling. See you then.]


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Oh good, my chance to be wittily abusive.


Tony Abbott's a cunt.

Well, that's me done.

Kettle said...

Ah Ramon, if your blogging schedule wasn't already full I'd invite you to join me here; I have much to learn about political analysis.

Mad Cat Lady said...

I love that test pattern - I never get to see it anymore.

When I was growing up on the cane farm outside of Mackay with our two television channels, I used to get to see the test pattern a fair bit :)

Did everybody see the article about the south Korean gentleman who married his body pillow?

The article says he takes it out to dinner with him and it gets its own chair. It has a picture of some anime cartoon on it.

Kettle said...

I love the test pattern too; reminds me of those good ol' days when they used to have the 'AO' rating (ooh! Risque!). Growing up in Canberra I used to see the test pattern quite a bit too, MCL.

Body pillows, eh? That adds a whole new dimension to the dating game. Is it right to be able to go to K-Mart and buy your wife/husband?

Mad Cat Lady said...

Just a stopgap measure until they invent proper robots for us to love and have sex with.

squib said...

They sure don't make test patterns like they used to. That's probably why society is falling apart

Kettle said...

Eww, gross MCL!

Squib I just wish society would do what we say, then it would be fixed. Of course our first act as benevolent dictators would be to bring back that test pattern, which should go quite some way to fixing things.

squib said...

Do we have to be benevolent, Kettle?

Mad Cat Lady said...

Yea Kettle - I want bath slaves. I've read about them and they sound great.

Mind you though, they were trashy books and perhaps not necessarily historicaly correct.

Kettle said...

Squib perhaps we could be benevolent Zeus-style? So not at all! Muhahaha.

Bath slaves, MCL, now there's a system of slavery I could support.

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Looking forward to hearing more of your twaddle next week sometime, Kettle!

Kettle said...

Ah dear Words and Wine you may be sorry when the twaddle actually arrives!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Hey Kettle, while you and Squib are being dictators (benevolent or otherwise) do you think you could do something about my crap SBS reception?

It's diabolical, that's wot it is!

Kettle said...

Ramon you are in luck! For our second act of benevolence (or otherwise) we shall be instigating a TV reception revolution. As reported in the SMH, 23 January 2007, before our coup:

"IN their first big pitch for benevolent dictatorship, Kettle and Squib today will identify TV reception as the most important economic policy issue for their party at this year's impending coup.

The would-be dictators will call for "nothing less than a revolution in reception" and warn that Australia's prosperity will hit the wall unless the quality and funding of transmission equipment - from Teachers' TV to SBS - is raised substantially.

In a policy document to support today's speech, the would-be dictators say that TV reception, be it in pubs, clubs or residential dwellings, can no longer be regarded as an issue of social expenditure alone.

"There is now incontrovertible evidence that TV reception should be understood as an economic investment," it says.

The policy paper says crisper reception is vital if Australia is to compete with the emerging global giants China and India.

"Our investment in new antennas is essential for creating an innovative, productive workforce that can adapt to a rapidly changing world," it says. "We must embrace a new national vision - for Australia to become the most square-eyed country, with the most sedentary economy and the best trained water-cooler time-wasters."

You're lucky we're here, Ramon.

[My God it would be AWESOME if you were actually Phillip Coorey, the SMH's (former? Current?) Chief Political Correspondent and actual author of this article (minus the bits, you know, about Squib and I and TV reception and dictatorships).]

[And if you are actually Phillip Coorey, sorry about the mess I've made of your article.]

Kettle said...

And so I ask, could I ramble on any more? A comment should never be longer than the original post, Kettle.