Friday, October 18, 2013

The moment in the water

There’s a moment when you’re in the sea and you realise you’re not okay. It just materialises. It isn’t there, the thought, then it is and you know the force pulling you back is stronger than you are. There’s nothing below you and two-feet of white water bearing down on you and not a thing to hold on to.

Harry knew it too. The moment we realised he let out a cry. I know, I said, I’m trying.

There was a man on the beach with his kids so I waved that straight-armed wave of panic. He looked and I waved again then he was there. I gave him Harry. I can’t, I said.

I got half way home before I almost cried. But there was music on the radio and Friday afternoon traffic around us and we were fine. It's just, you know.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad you are both ok. And that you had the presence of mind to wave for help. And that it was given.
Three big things to be thankful for.

squib said...

Kettle, what is wrong? x

Kettle said...

Thanks guys. Sorry I didn't mean to alarm you Squib, we were just out swimming this afternoon and the wind came up and the surf changed really quickly and we got pulled out. It just struck me when we got home that every now and then you get caught in those spaces where you can't immediately change your physical situation.

This is why reading on the couch is infinitely better than anything else.

squib said...

Oh good grief, I was reading it a bit metaphorically. Excellent piece of writing by the way

Kettle said...

Ah god love you, Squib! Reckon I might need to describe things a little more clearly.

Dear TEC, how are you? I hope all is well?

Anonymous said...

Oh Kettle! Called in for a quick look coz I found you were back.
And OMG you put my heart in my mouth and tears in my eyes.
I'm SO glad you are both OK and that you didn't panic.
Yes, it is beautifully writing.
You should definitely give Wrinomo a go.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me Kettle, you poor thing. Harry's your young bloke, hey? That must have been terrible for both of you.

Speaking of: all the news I've seen over the weekend, and having checked the NSW fire service website, it seems like the whole east coast is ablaze down there.

I hope you and yours are all right. Stay safe Kettle.