Friday, April 13, 2012

Stop wining [yes wining!] and do my tax?

So Mr Kettle is heading off to Melbourne for a long weekend at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Go Mr Kettle!

Since cloning technology has not (surprisingly, yes?) advanced so far as to enable me to be in both Melbourne living it up and Sydney raising the next generation I find myself trying to decide how best to spend the weekend here in Sydney.

Should I:
  1. Buy half a dozen bottles of wine and invite some friends over for a few hours of crapping on and ad libbed performance poetry, or
  2. Do my 2010/11 tax?
Please, take your time, it's not an easy question to answer (and, also, it's the question that does actually face me). Your thoughts?

And when you're done with that, can someone please explain to me what the fuck happened with the Greens today?


squib said...

Is there any way we can see Mr Kettle's performance on YouTube or some such thing?

I would choose the wine one but I'd even choose cleaning the oven or even gardening over tax

I hope Polichicks bring back their heart shaped Bob cushions as a sort of souvenir

Kettle said...

Squib Mr Kettle isn't on the YouTubes but I may be able to fashion some kind of recorded version. I'll get onto it.

Ok so I've chosen wine! Of course you are invited, if you're in town. Do let me know.

Mr E said...

I don't see why you can't do both.

Buy some wine, invite some friends around, get hammered and THEN fill out your tax return as a group. Lord knows what new and innovative deductions you'll come up with!

Don't forget to include the cost of the wine as an "Accounting Expense".

The Elephant's Child said...

Mr E has it right. Wine and whining are both good for a woman's soul. If they can be combined, so much the better.
PS I would really appreciate a blog post about the creative deductions you find.

look see said...

Yeah, Mr E's on the money with this one.

Kettle said...

Ok so I took your advice, Mr E, and there were friends and multiple bottles of wine (and an unforgiving hangover yesterday) and much theoretical solving of the world's problems, at etc. Only thing is (and this is still a mystery to me how this happened), we forgot to do my tax! Imagine.

But it's ok, I've got the swing of this now. I'm betting you're going to advise me to try again next weekend. Yes? Well ok then.

(Hangover suggestions most welcome.)

Dear TEC, I'll have to get back to you next week about the creative deductions, when I've actually done my tax.

Kettle said...

'at' ahem 'and'.

The Beans said...

Hmmm...maybe do your taxes while drinking wine? ;)

-Barb the French Bean

Kettle said...

Ah dear Barb TFC, wine and tax is a fine combination, I don't care what the tax office says! Problem is I keep getting stuck on the first and forgetting to do the second... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try again this weekend. Thank you for the sound advice!

Mr E said...
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