Friday, January 7, 2011

Can you marry a band?*

I think I'm in love with The National, is all. They're playing Sydney tonight and tomorrow. How's this re: Matt Berninger, the lead singer:

The National's lead singer, Matt Berninger, is a baritone of the tallest order, a lurching, lanky charmer who awkwardly bumbles through live sets, yet somehow simultaneously exudes a cool, nonchalant attitude about the whole thing. Shambolic, metaphorically wart-ridden, and uncomfortably vulnerable, he's more interested in exposing weakness than projecting strength—more apt to stagger among us than tower above us.

[From here]

I would buy a ticket off a scalper just to see what "metaphorically wart-ridden" looks like. Wouldn't you?


* Ramon, non-flibberty-gibberty hard-hitting political analysis about something to follow shortly.


Catastrophe Waitress said...

I will admit to having a thing for Lanky Charmers. Fair enough, you called Donna on him, but if you change your mind, he's mine.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

I meant "dibbs" not Donna.
I'm sure that you hardly ever call people Donna.

Noonie Trousers and Then Some said...

My Gracious Lordy Lord.....may I have a slice of this one too please. If you happen to peruse this message, bring the CD over tomorrow will you lassie. Swish kindly.

Kettle said...

Ms CW the ease with which you used 'Donna' there makes me think you do indeed call 'Donna' instead of 'dibbs'. I might give it a crack to; stir the whacky Sydney-siders up a bit (or not, maybe everyone already says 'Donna' here? I'm from Canberra originally and you can really tell sometimes. Ahem).

Noonie Pants it's a bloody good album, High Violet by The National. Highly depressing, just how we like it. If I can figure out how to make iTunes do what I need it to do on my laptop I'll bring some kind of listening device for our collective aural pleasure tomorrow.

Now what else did I have to bring tomorrow? Vegetarian sausages for everyone? No?

Kettle said...

On reflection, Ms CW, I don't think I know a single 'Donna'! I do, on the other hand, know a Mr Dibbs. Ha!

squib said...

I can see the attraction but I just find his voice a bit too samey gravelly. Mr.Squib bought his album though

Kettle said...

Mr.Squib bought his album though

Mr Squib has excellent, excellent taste.

squib said...

I've been playing The National in the car. Samey gravelly? What was I talking about? I take it all back. Love it

Kettle said...

Excellent Squib, now we can be friends.

Hello, by the way. Hey what's The Wardrobe? Can you send it to me? (Your piece thusly entitled, not an actual wardrobe, although that would also be welcome.)

Kettle said...